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Predictive Analytics for  Real World Distributors

Not the academic world.  Not drug company studies.  Not Fortune 100 either..

Use your existing transaction history to PREDICT THE FUTURE

  • Use customer segmentation data to
    • spend less to keep existing customers
    • keep your good customers longer
    • target marketing incentives for the best prospects
    • avoid bad prospects
  • Use market basket analysis to
    • cross sell more products to existing customer
    • pair and group products to target incentives that move more items
    • predict customer re-order dates to pull orders forward
    • empower salespeople with more insight into buying habits
  • Use customer lifecycle analysis to
    • predict which customers are likely to leave in the next few months
    • know the danger signs of a customer about to leave and go to a competitor
    • determine by customer segment which customers to work hard to keep and which can be let go

Checkout this 2 minute video to learn more about what we do that sells more of your products to your customers...


Data Sooner uses a patented analytical process to deliver predictive results.

Our experienced team works with a variety of technologies.  Though, the key to our success and yours is our ability to understand your business processes.